"Dean's negotiations with the IRS saved me thousands. We are very grateful for the time and care he put into our case."


Things are not easy when one is living far from home. Mr. Dean has been an ally in the fight to re-settle myself and my family.

"When my housing development project literally blew up in my face, Dean saw me through a complex lawsuit against the manufacturer. He's proved himself to us as a friend and as a lawyer."

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General and Specialist Legal Services

Business and Tax Affairs - All Contested Matters

All Contested Legal Matters including Tax Lien Litigation and Bankruptcy Services. Click here to put us in the picture.

USA Naturalization and Visa Assistance

Communication makes all the difference in your legal case. We speak English, French and Arabic. Contact us today for advice.

La communication fait toute la différence dans votre cas juridique. Nous parlons anglais, français et arabe.

الاتصالات يجعل كل الفرق في حالتك القانونية. نحن نتحدث الإنجليزية والفرنسية والعربية

Accident and Personal Injury

From injuries sustained at work to those suffered on the road, we have the experience and the industry know-how to help clients get their insurance and other claims settled, whether the case is simple or complex. Contact us to book your confidential consultation. 

Bankruptcy Specialists

Bankruptcy can be a difficult experience for anyone and everyone. We are adept in guiding clients through the maze of State and Federal laws and through the negotiations that can impede the bankruptcy process. Click here to get started.

Discrimination and Unfair Dismissal

Discrimination is not just wrong: it's illegal. But to get the redress you want, you often need to act quickly.

If your life has been affected by unfair treatment because of your background, your faith, your gender, race or age, contact us without delay to discuss your situation.